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We're Not Just Making A Denture. We're Making YOUR Denture.


Is it time for a new denture or set of dentures?  Thinking about extractions and dentures?  We focus on these services and more all at some the best prices in the area.
Dr. Fisher is a general dentist that focuses on extractions, dentures and many other denture related services. Fabricating dentures that fit well and comfortably takes time. You will never feel rushed at our office and we ensure that each and every patient is given the time needed for a great denture.
In saying this, our office does not offer cleanings, restorative dental work, crowns, or fillings.
At Fisher Denture & Dental Care you can smile more for less. Give us call to get scheduled — We are happy to help!

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There are times when it may be necessary to extract – or pull – one or more teeth to ensure that a patient receives a great denture fit. While we always seek to avoid extracting healthy teeth, dentures need to fit correctly to function well and protect your oral health.

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